Community Policy Institute : CPI

Company Overview

CPI : Community Policy Institute

We are an independent consulting firm specializing in environmental issues, established in 1989 by the representative director, Atsuhiko Sano, making use of his experience of working on urban planning and on resource/energy and environmental issues in research organizations in universities and private engineering companies as well as in government.

A wide range of environmental issues are supported by three divisions– Policy Planning and Research, Social systems consulting and environmental technology consulting.

In these divisions, staff in social science fields such as law, economics and government and staff in natural science fields such as engineering, science and agriculture are working together as a team. 

The social science staff has thorough knowledge of policies, both domestic and overseas, as well as of management issues, and the natural science staff is a group of specialists in their technical fields who pride themselves on the near absence of any other specialist organizations carrying out similar work in the country.

Features of CPI's Service

1. Formulation of policies and measures from an unbiased vantage point

The main clients we are commissioned by are government, major private companies and industry associations.  Therefore, proposals can be made which are not biased in favor of specific companies or specific organizations.

2. Wide range of past experience

We have been involved in almost all enactments of statutes in recent years of more than a decade related to wastes and recycling, and pride ourselves on our accomplishments being unique among private environmental consulting firms.  On the basis of this past experience, we are recently engaged in various forms of work such as projects planned and proposed by ourselves as well as projects which involve self-capitalization or expenditure.

3. Business creation in own areas of environmental measures

We are not involved in promotional work such as just producing environmental reports or obtaining the ISO14000 series certification, which many other environmental consulting firms are engaged in.  These fields have already become routinized, and our judgment is that they do not constitute effective environmental measures.  We will actively create business in areas which can only be performed by us.

4. The three vantage points of policy, social system research and technology

From the policy vantage point, support of formulation of policies, domestic and overseas, of government, local government and industry associations. 

From the social system research vantage point, international environmental measures and environmental strategies of manufacturers. 

From the technology vantage point, planning of businesses including the planning of the facilities of waste disposal firms.  We are deploying into the field of management in close touch with the management of enterprises based on these vantage points.