Community Policy Institute : CPI

Our Philosophy

It is generally said that there is an unavoidable trade-off between the environment and the economy.

However, we think that environmental regulations for the development of the economy have the possibility to contribute to the lowering of social costs and the reduction of environmental load by raising productivity by inducing technological innovation by enterprises and by lowering social costs by making the social system more efficient.

The consulting firm that has been practicing such a philosophy of mine in various aspects. That is CPI.

Our company has been developed and expanded from the personal consultant office established by Atsuhiko Sano, the representative director, in 1989. The following three points were regarded as being most important at the time of establishment, and these policies are unchanged up to the present.

View from the margin

First, to place importance on the view from the margin. Here, marginal means the three “inters” of interdisciplinary, international and inter-industrial. We have the reputation, domestically and overseas, of having thorough knowledge of environmental policies overseas, centered on western and Asian countries, while being involved in various ways with the central and local government sector, the private enterprise sector and the citizen sector as well, with the recognition that new ideas are (Co-marginal) and are generated by “inters” and their interactions/resonances.

Pragmatic Implementation of Proposals

Second, pragmatic implementation of proposals, and planning and participation in projects. Environmental issues can be said to be also policy compliance (policy adjustment issue) in each field. For actual policy judgments and decision-making, practical research, provision of information and the preparation of flexible options from various vantage points are necessary. For the making of public policies and corporate business strategies, provision of a number of options, indication of steps in stages and many realistic adjustments become necessary.

To be involved in the total environmental problem with an independent stance.

Third, to be involved in the total environmental problem with an independent stance. The clients we are commissioned by are mostly government, major private companies and industry associations. Therefore, policies can be planned and proposals can be made from a fair point of view which is not biased in favor of specific companies or specific organizations.

We aim to evolve into the coming era by making use of our previous experience as well as by promoting our participation in various projects and non-profit activities.