Community Policy Institute : CPI

Director: Atsuhiko Sano

My attitude to work and life

I am not interested in the province where other people already been. I am a type who has a great deal of curiosity. Rather than routine works, I do get motivated new and challenging fields.

Since I have experienced various fields of business, I am confident on my applied skill for whatever I have to consult on.

I recognize there must be unexplored fields and challenging issues around the boundary region of various field. Our company should take the direction to the Marginal field, I believe.

Personal Motto: Good can come out of a misfortune.


Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, 1954.

Graduated from Department Yokohama National University (Department of Civil Engineering).

Toshiba Nuclear Energy Systems and Services Division

Clean Japan Center Foundation

Established Sano Environment and City Planning Office. President and Director

Supporting environmental policymaking of government and environmental strategy of company as an independent consulting office specialized for environmental issues.
Teaching at Department of Economics Doshisha University as a Lecturer.

Recently, Focusing on planning of new environmental business in various field of industry, based on the experience of from enactment to enforcement Laws of container wrappings, Home electronic appliances, Vehicles.

Area of Specialization

AWaste, Recycling System and Energy Policy etc. Environmental Policy, Environmental Strategy for corporation
Licentiate First-class registered architect