Community Policy Institute : CPI

Social System Consulting

In this field, we offer business services responding to changes in environmental policy.

Environmental issues have been exemptions that are going to be woven into the concept of management.

Though there has been a trend with production going overseas to circumvent strict environmental regulations, recently, it has become a general policy to apply the strictest regulations for products that are distributed globally.

In the field of the environment, in order to introduce new policies and institutions, the existing businesses are reviewed and the new business is acquired.

We capture the movement accurately and conduct proposals and various supports for public organizations and companies by monitoring the environmental measures imposed on companies and business opportunities, responding institutions, or building social systems preempting policy needs.

Consulting Service

In the consultation we examine the business environment and environmental policy trends to find the best solutions for clients as well as society.  In environmental policy there are various policy instruments, such as market based instruments, regulatory ones or informational ones.  We often integrate them to solve problems and develop detailed plans. 

Under policy pressure or in a competitive business environment companies have to go a step further to survive.  We support them.  In the case of manufacturing companies, for example, the notion of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility: a policy approach in which producers have responsibility for the post-consumer phase of their products) which is often thought of as a burden on business that can be converted into the key to be a winner in our consultations.

Latest Cases

Responding individual recycling laws

Basic design of operation scheme and PRO (Producer Responsibility Organization) for the following laws:

  • Law for the Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling Containers and Packaging;
  • Law for the Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances;
  • Law for the Recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles.

Development of voluntary approaches for post-consumer products

  • Design of refillable bottles’ collection scheme.
  • Design and development of the industrial voluntary collection and recycling scheme for the post-consumer product (for example, fire extinguishers, motorcycles, and etc.).