Community Policy Institute : CPI

Policy Research

We conduct surveys which is commissioned by clients such as national government, sub-national government, corporations, and various organizations, that make concrete proposals for the issues surveyed.

Because of past experiences, we are conversant in policy, market facts and its analysis.

We have many range of methods for survey and statistical analysis. Above all, we are familiar with institutions of environmental policy in Japan, United States, Europe and other developing countries.

Through those comparative analysis, we conduct research support for Central government and public benefit corporation to make policy in Japan.

Method of Policy Planning and Research

Depending on the client, we conduct investigations such as questionnaire surveys, internet-searches and quick WEB surveys and interview survey with a statistic analysis method.

Latest Cases

Questionnaire survey, WEB survey

PR status of the schemes for recalling of co-use products

Consumer awareness of recycling small appliances and fee payments.

Awareness and appearance approach for Global warming counter measures and energy efficiency measures.

Document Investigation

Conditions of development of laws on recycle electric equipment and devices, in Japan, United States and Europe.

Current status of regulatory of waste batteries.

System design of beverage container recycling.

Hearing Survey

Steps and challenges in voluntary recall of used products.

Status of handling of hard-to-manage materials of disposal in municipality by the assessment of waste disposal companies.